Bulk Buyers and Resellers

If you are interested in bulk buying or reselling Veggie Crisp and Clean, Apple Fresh, and Spud Savor, JPS Foods offers wholesale pricing to bulk buyers. Please click the link below to view our discounted pricing (registration required)

Wholesale Prices

Managing Produce

Our products effectively help a wide variety of companies that manage produce, prepare and handle fresh food, process apples or other fruits and serve baked potatoes. These businesses include the following:

  • Grocery Stores
  • C Stores
  • Health Food Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Delis
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Resorts
  • Farmers Markets
  • Apple Processors
  • Food Processors
  • Food Service
  • Producers
  • Packers/Shippers
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Military
  • Schools
  • Airlines
  • Fruit Processors


JPS Foods also offers products in individually packaged kits for resale to retail customers. To become a reseller and purchase retail-packaged kits at wholesale prices, click here to register and view our wholesale pricing

Veggie Crisp and Clean for Handling and Preparing Produce

Even though produce averages only 7% of grocery sales, produce is often the category by which consumers judge a store.

If you pick up a produce trade magazine such as “The Packer” or read an e-mail from the Food Marketing Institute or United Fresh Produce Association, you will find an overwhelming concern for two things, food safety and freshness

Food Safety

The cost to businesses to ensure the delivery of safe, fresh produce can be counted in millions. E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and other microbial problems have been in the headlines of national news. In recent years the recall of spinach, cilantro and other produce has heightened the awareness of the consumers to food safety. The general population has become more interested and more educated on the issue of food safety and the health benefits of fresh servings of fruits and vegetables.

Freshness of Fruits and Vegetables

The appearance of produce is the difference between profit and loss. That which doesn’t remain clean, fresh and appealing to the consumer, is thrown in the dumpster. Every year businesses lose millions of dollars because fruits and vegetables lose their crispness and freshness before they reach the consumer’s table.

Veggie Crisp and Clean is made of natural ingredients that provide safer and cleaner produce, which can be applied to all produce, including organic produce.

  1. Independent lab tests show a reduction of bacteria of 99.9%.
  2. Veggie Crisp and Clean is easy and safe to apply in many different applications and circumstances including household, retail, wholesale, industrial, institutions and others.
  3. Veggie Crisp and Clean can save companies or institutions thousands of dollars. This increases your bottom line and brings a smile to your budget conscious customers.

Veggie Crisp and Clean is a dry powder with all natural ingredients. It is a blend of vitamins and minerals. It has a proven track record of reducing bacteria and providing the fruits and vegetables with the ability to remain fresh and safe for a longer period of time. It is sold in 14 pound pails for handlers of produce. It is an easy and fast solution to improved food safety and increased shelf life. With normal usage, Veggie Crisp and Clean will cost an average grocery store approximately $.80 to $1.25 per day depending on the volume of produce sold. If only one head of lettuce or one bunch of green onions were saved, the cost of the Veggie Crisp and Clean would be recovered.

Apple Fresh for Sliced or Diced Fruit

For extended shelf life in packaged and processed apples or other fruits, Apple Fresh will allow you to deliver a fresh, quality product to your customers. In a high volume buffet line or packaged for resale, Apple Fresh can do the job..

Apple Fresh reduces browning and can extend the time apples and other fruits will remain fresh and crisp.

Apple Fresh is a dry powder of natural ingredients which is added to water to make a solution that can be easily applied to the fruit by dipping or spraying. It is packaged in 5 pound containers. The 5 pound container makes approximately 60 gallons of solution and costs less than a penny per pound of apples or other fruits.

Spud Savor for Baked Potatoes

Spud Savor is for restaurants, delis or any business that throws away too many potatoes.

When potatoes spend too much time under a heat lamp the skin becomes thick, dry and caramelized. Spud Savor is a dry powder which is added to approximately 2 gallons of water in a sink or bowl. Baked potatoes are then taken directly from the oven and submerged in the solution for 8 minutes. (We know putting a baked potato under water sounds strange, but try it, it really works!) The potatoes are then placed in a colander or on a rack to dry. The heat from the potatoes will cause them to dry within several minutes. After being conditioned with Spud Savor, the potatoes retain their fresh baked texture, flavor and quality for 2 to 3 days longer in the refrigerator and 2 to 3 hours longer under a heat lamp. This is an excellent product for any business or institution that serves large amounts of baked potatoes. An average restaurant throws away approximately 20% of the potatoes that are pre-baked for serving. Spud Savor nearly eliminates the throw-away loss and allows chefs to more fully utilize their ovens and reduce power costs.

Spud Savor is sold in a 5 pound container. This quantity will condition approximately 500 pounds or 1000 eight-ounce potatoes.