Apple Fresh

Keep Apples from Turning Brown

Apple Fresh Apples

Did You Know that Apple Fresh:

  • Keeps Apples & Other Fruits from Turning Brown
  • Contains Vitamin C
  • Is All Natural
  • Is Easy and Inexpensive to Use

When was the last time you reached for a sliced apple and decided not to eat it because it had turned brown? This usually happens within 30 minutes after the apple has been sliced.

Apple Fresh is designed to reduce the browning of sliced apples for hours after they have been sliced and will reduce browning for several days if kept in a refrigerator.

During the summer we offered two plates of sliced apples to some children who were playing outside. One plate had apples with Apple Fresh applied and one plate had apples without Apple Fresh. We put the apples on a table in the sun and walked away. As the children played they would stop by occasionally and grab a sliced apple. Several hours later we came back and the Apple Fresh apples were completely gone. The other plate of apples had turned brown and they were still sitting on the plate!

Apple Fresh Also Works on Other Fruits

Apple Fresh was designed specifically for Apples. It is also very effective on Pears, Melons, Cantaloupes, Mangoes, Nectarines, Papayas, Peaches, Pineapples and Avocados. It works really well on guacamole. If you have left-over guacamole, instead of letting it turn black in the refrigerator, just spray the top of it with Apple Fresh. It will stay green much longer. Other fruits that need extra time after they have been cut or peeled, will look and stay fresh longer with Apple Fresh. It’s amazing, you’ll love it!

Apple Fresh Is Easy and Inexpensive to Use

Apple Fresh is 100% natural and high in Vitamin C. It is a dry powder that is similar in color and texture to sugar and is packaged in a one-ounce stick pack. The powder is poured into a 4 ounce spray bottle, then water is added to the bottle. With a little shaking the powder is dissolved and it is ready to spray on your fruit. We put the Apple Fresh powder in a stick pack and ship it to you with an empty bottle. This cuts down on shipping costs, which we pass on to you. When you run out you can order the refill stick packs, keep the spray bottle, cutting the cost even more.

Buying produce then throwing it away is a budget buster! Apple Fresh costs pennies. You save dollars when the fruit you have prepared is eaten rather than thrown in the garbage.

Apple Fresh Starter Kit

4 oz. Refillable Bottle & 2 Stick Packs

Apple Fresh Refill Packet

2 Refill Stick Packs

Apple Fresh Value Package
  • Apple Fresh Starter Kit X 2 - $11.90
  • Apple Fresh Refill Packs X 2 - $7.90

Total Value - $19.80
Value Package Cost - $16.80
Total Savings = $ 3.00

Variety Package - $16.80

Variety Package
  • Veggie Crisp & Clean Starter Kit - $5.95
  • Veggie Crisp & Clean Refill Pack - $3.95
  • Apple Fresh Starter Kit - $5.95
  • Spud Savor Three Pack - $3.95

Total Value - $19.80
Value Package Cost - $16.80
Total Savings = $ 3.00